Trx. Id: ccf1ad4bd9cd293ff42cce9b18ea96ea9b51fa2d629d260a4abe57b460d6e905

Irreversible: true

Expiration Time: 2020-01-30T11:51:44

Block Num: 71203667

2020-01-30T11:51:44 71203667 comment { "sender" : "theteloscope", "id" : 154, "comment" : "The proposal poorly describes some of its deliverables. For example, there is some confusion with the 'opusoperaly' name: if it is the name of a 'wallet', this component is nowhere described in the document, but if it will be a Telos escrow account, it does not have 12 characters.\nThere are some missing or incorrect numbers in the equation to calculate the amount requested. For example, 2nd cycle has a budget breakdown per quarter, with tasks in each of them. But 1st cycle lacks a breakdown by dev tasks." }