Trx. Id: cbb7b6dd9b08dac9a12e5159ab564d32f81793c50633a52763c322d61b19c155

Irreversible: true

Expiration Time: 2020-08-05T17:38:17.500

Block Num: 103550170

2020-08-05T17:38:17.500 103550170 draftprop {proposer=telosgreenbp, description=Block Producers are eligible for the pay when they meet a minimum votes threshold which is defined and adjusted by a 2/3+1 vote of the Block Producers, the threshold should be defined and adjusted in accordance with the total staked TLOS. Block Producer and Standby Block Producers shall be paid each day from a daily fund consisting of the daily share of 1% annual inflation (the "BP Inflation Rate") of the entire value of the Telos blockchain as measured in TLOS tokens. If there are less than 51BPs who satisfy the minimum votes threshold then the Block Producer payouts from the daily fund are calculated based on the number of eligible BPs. Every day, this total amount shall be allocated such that each Block Producer receives the same pay for the time spent as a Block Producer as every other Block Producer and each Standby receives pay that is half of the rate of each Block Producer for its time spent as a Standby, with the provision that Block Producers and Standby Block Producers may have their daily pay allotment deducted in proportion with the percentage of blocks they were expected to produce in their most recent production period of 180,000 blocks (approximately 24 hours) or fewer, but failed to produce. Loss of pay from failing to regularly execute the "claimrewards" action, shall be borne by the Block Producer or Standby Block Producer, not the network. For as long as funds exist in the Exchange Token Reserve Fund account named "", the aggregate amount of pay for all Block Producers and Standby Block Producers shall be drawn from that fund preferentially to creating new TLOS tokens to pay into the Block Producer pay account named "eosio.bpay" at a rate equivalent to 6.0% annual inflation through block 98,000,000; equivalent to 5.3% annual inflation for blocks 98,000,001 through block 113,000,000; equivalent to 3.4% annual inflation for blocks 113,000,001 through block 128,000,000; equivalent to 3.0% annual inflation from block 128,000,001. This rate may be adjusted by a 2/3+1 vote of the Block Producers provided it does not exceed the limits set in Clause 49 "Telos Economic Development"., proposal_name=jv4q1tg1h1bu, title=TIP-35 Limiting the number of paid block producers with votes, category=apps, milestones=1, total_requested=1000.0000 TLOS, content=}