Trx. Id: 8980b73b4723297e0f9bd814644b3a0e9dd1d1a69234a45a895a52b53a7029f8

Irreversible: true

Expiration Time: 2021-02-12T22:48:17.500

Block Num: 136556814

2021-02-12T22:48:17.500 136556814 payforcpunet {account=eostribeprod}
2021-02-12T22:48:17.500 136556814 transfer from: eostribeprod to: sqrlwalletio amount: 1 symbol: SQRL memo: Here's a SQRL for covering my CPU and NET for this transaction ;-) Thank you! quantity: 1.0000 SQRL
2021-02-12T22:48:17.500 136556814 draftprop {proposer=eostribeprod, description=CoinPayments ( is a prominent crypto payment platform used by major 60K merchants Worldwide and active in 180+ countries. CoinPayments supports many cryptocurrencies including EOS but not TLOS. Adding TLOS to CoinPayments will create additional outlet where TLOS payments can be accepted by any ecommerce project., proposal_name=u5fqrpysd2rz, title=Fund integrating TELOS into CoinPayments platform, category=developers, milestones=1, total_requested=100000.0000 TLOS, content=}