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2021-02-23T14:20:12.000 138394364 1fdce6... transfer amount: 0.001 from: jacqueswhale {symbol=TLOS, quantity=0.0010 TLOS, memo=Discussions migrating fully to Telos!, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2021-01-15T14:11:27.500 131663781 06dc2b... transfer amount: 1 from: jacqueswhale {symbol=QBE, quantity=1.0000 QBE, memo=QBE is live on Discussions! Login with your Telos account for a chance to win 100 QBE!, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2021-01-07T12:30:36.000 130270784 19cf47... transfer amount: 1 from: jacqueswhale {symbol=GEM, quantity=1.0000 GEM, memo=GEM is now live on!, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2020-09-28T21:07:38.500 112895238 9f4b79... castvote voter: tfrp111ggggg {ballot_name=jwhvhshv4hwf, options=[yes]}
2020-09-28T21:07:38.500 112895238 9f4b79... refresh voter: tfrp111ggggg
2020-09-28T21:07:38.500 112895238 9f4b79... transfer amount: 1 from: tfrp111ggggg {symbol=SQRL, quantity=1.0000 SQRL, memo=Here's a SQRL for covering my CPU and NET for this transaction ;-) Thank you! , to=sqrlwalletio}
2020-09-28T21:06:34.000 112895109 afd041... castvote voter: tfrp111ggggg {ballot_name=slea2etgte2f, options=[no]}
2020-09-28T21:06:34.000 112895109 afd041... refresh voter: tfrp111ggggg
2020-09-28T21:06:34.000 112895109 afd041... transfer amount: 1 from: tfrp111ggggg {symbol=SQRL, quantity=1.0000 SQRL, memo=Here's a SQRL for covering my CPU and NET for this transaction ;-) Thank you! , to=sqrlwalletio}
2020-09-28T21:06:21.500 112895084 5c57f0... castvote voter: tfrp111ggggg {ballot_name=slea2etgte2f, options=[yes]}
2020-09-28T21:06:21.500 112895084 5c57f0... refresh voter: tfrp111ggggg
2020-09-28T21:06:21.500 112895084 5c57f0... transfer amount: 1 from: tfrp111ggggg {symbol=SQRL, quantity=1.0000 SQRL, memo=Here's a SQRL for covering my CPU and NET for this transaction ;-) Thank you! , to=sqrlwalletio}
2020-09-28T21:04:10.500 112894822 2e9fce... castvote voter: tfrp111ggggg {ballot_name=w4zksv4y2oqj, options=[yes]}
2020-09-28T21:04:10.500 112894822 2e9fce... refresh voter: tfrp111ggggg
2020-09-28T21:04:10.500 112894822 2e9fce... transfer amount: 1 from: tfrp111ggggg {symbol=SQRL, quantity=1.0000 SQRL, memo=Here's a SQRL for covering my CPU and NET for this transaction ;-) Thank you! , to=sqrlwalletio}
2020-09-28T21:02:40.000 112894641 da2a8b... castvote voter: tfrp111ggggg {ballot_name=xheegyn5edcd, options=[yes]}
2020-09-28T21:02:40.000 112894641 da2a8b... refresh voter: tfrp111ggggg
2020-09-28T21:02:40.000 112894641 da2a8b... openprofile {account=tfrp111ggggg}
2020-09-28T21:02:37.500 112894636 a6606b... regvoter voter: tfrp111ggggg {referrer=null, treasury_symbol=4,VOTE}
2020-09-28T21:02:37.500 112894636 a6606b... openprofile {account=tfrp111ggggg}
2020-06-27T08:54:15.500 96761566 58c7dc... voteproducer proxy: mytelosstack producers: [] voter: tfrp111ggggg
2020-06-25T16:25:47.500 96470556 761122... transfer amount: 1 from: ecoinairdrop {symbol=ECOIN, quantity=1.0000 ECOIN, memo=, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-11-15T23:04:18.000 58178249 5ea0db... transfer amount: 25 from: peoplestoken {symbol=PEOPLE, quantity=25.0000 PEOPLE, memo=??????? The PEOPLE (People's every day multi-purpose Utility); Community Building, SW Licensing, User's On-boarding, Influence peoplesproxy (DAC) - Your Voice, Sentiment & Empowerment. ? Vapaee & BP swedencornet, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-11-09T08:27:33.000 57036817 e7d1ec... transfer amount: 71632 from: sqrlwalletio {symbol=SQRL, quantity=71632.0000 SQRL, memo=Let's go nuts!, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-11-09T05:21:13.500 57014807 9f8de4... transfer amount: 0.099 from: sandiegocoin {symbol=SAND, quantity=0.09900000 SAND, memo=Token Conversion from SAND account steemairdrops, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-10-10T10:01:00.500 51867199 79abd1... transfer amount: 100 from: mailtreasure {symbol=MAIL, quantity=100.0000 MAIL, memo=You've got MAIL at (airdrop), to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-09-05T21:16:42.000 45909587 69350e... buyrex amount: 15000.0000 TLOS from: tfrp111ggggg
2019-09-05T21:16:42.000 45909587 69350e... transfer amount: 15000 from: tfrp111ggggg {symbol=TLOS, quantity=15000.0000 TLOS, memo=deposit to REX fund, to=eosio.rex}
2019-09-05T21:16:42.000 45909587 69350e... deposit amount: 15000.0000 TLOS owner: "tfrp111ggggg"
2019-09-05T21:14:59.000 45909381 12942e... unstaketorex amount: 53811.899999999994 receiver: tfrp111ggggg owner: "tfrp111ggggg" {from_cpu=31401.5500 TLOS, from_net=22410.3500 TLOS}
2019-09-05T21:14:59.000 45909381 12942e... voteproducer proxy: goodproxytls producers: [] voter: tfrp111ggggg
2019-05-23T14:45:43.500 27751221 588c0b... transfer amount: 1000 from: maltablock21 {symbol=TULIP, quantity=1000.0000 TULIP, memo=Use TULIP at the Tulip Conference and EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit! June 3rd to 6th - San Francisco, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-04-28T14:33:07.000 23441008 9cb465... sendmessage {memo=Play, Stake & Win a Share of 10,000 TLOS @, acct=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-04-08T19:47:49.000 20024764 eee347... transfer amount: 68832 from: telosdacdrop {symbol=TLOSDAC, quantity=68832.0000 TLOSDAC, memo=Welcome to the TelosDAC community, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-03-22T21:44:50.500 17105481 537a64... transfer amount: 68832.075 from: proxibotstls {symbol=ROBO, quantity=68832.0750 ROBO, memo=Proxibots Airdrop - Play & Stake @, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-02-21T02:08:37.500 11961507 7a8f14... transfer amount: 68832.075 from: vapaeetokens {symbol=CNT, quantity=68832.0750 CNT, memo=CNT Token Airdrop - Cards & Tokens -, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-02-19T09:35:04.000 11669531 a93d55... updateauth {parent=, auth={threshold=1, keys=[{key=PUB_K1_8WbPorCtrYKX5J3qbobX7MZm2KA2us3picJj5PRg7WfxV69pZ1, weight=1}]}, permission=owner, account=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-02-09T10:27:46.500 9948376 244c18... transfer amount: 5000 from: qubicletoken {symbol=QBE, quantity=5000.0000 QBE, memo=Redefining the definition of customer service, sales, and support as we've known it. Welcome to - brought to you by, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-02-08T22:11:50.500 9860071 f5421c... updateauth {parent=, auth={threshold=1, keys=[{key=PUB_K1_5UPSGR3jQawUAfciA6Wzkjeg4i9Xy4vcabLvpGvFdzb7cfS1ji, weight=1}]}, permission=owner, account=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-01-13T03:19:44.000 5236666 3000b7... transfer amount: 15000 from: eosio.stake {symbol=TLOS, quantity=15000.0000 TLOS, memo=unstake, to=tfrp111ggggg}
2019-01-13T03:19:44.000 5236666 3000b7... refund owner: "tfrp111ggggg"
2019-01-10T03:19:44.000 4719694 01752a... undelegatebw amount: 15000 from: tfrp111ggggg receiver: tfrp111ggggg {unstake_net_quantity=12000, unstake_cpu_quantity=3000}
2019-01-10T03:19:09.500 4719637 c3f55a... transfer amount: 0.0252 from: tfrp111ggggg {symbol=TLOS, quantity=0.0252 TLOS, memo=ram fee, to=eosio.ramfee}
2019-01-10T03:19:09.500 4719637 c3f55a... transfer amount: 4.9998 from: tfrp111ggggg {symbol=TLOS, quantity=4.9998 TLOS, memo=buy ram, to=eosio.ram}
2019-01-10T03:19:09.500 4719637 c3f55a... buyram receiver: tfrp111ggggg {quant=5.025, payer=tfrp111ggggg}
2018-12-12T17:47:55.500 215 4196d7... transfer amount: 10 from: {symbol=TLOS, quantity=10.0000 TLOS, memo=TFRP, to=tfrp111ggggg}