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VOTES Producers list : [theteloscope]
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2020-07-28T22:17:42.000 102202539 4de170... voteproducer proxy: producers: [theteloscope] voter: telosdevelop
2020-07-01T08:02:34.000 97444761 2248c3... voteproducer proxy: producers: [caleosblocks, goodblocktls, telosglobal1, telosgreenbp, telosmiamibp, theteloscope] voter: telosdevelop
2020-06-28T17:44:00.500 96997620 ebcfd1... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=193, direction=2}
2020-06-28T17:43:53.500 96997606 eca266... mirrorcast voter: telosdevelop {token_symbol=4,TLOS}
2020-06-28T15:34:09.000 96982062 058267... voteproducer proxy: producers: [theteloscope] voter: telosdevelop
2020-06-26T15:02:36.500 96633138 87dcd6... transfer amount: 1 from: ecoinairdrop {symbol=ECOIN, quantity=1.0000 ECOIN, memo=, to=telosdevelop}
2020-03-05T04:44:13.500 77104167 bf4f28... transfer amount: 10 from: rewards.opl {symbol=OPL, quantity=10.0000 OPL, The Gambling Platform AIRDROP -, to=telosdevelop}
2020-02-28T02:12:42.500 76062159 eb2f0e... transfer amount: 12.3456 from: rewards.opl {symbol=OPL, quantity=12.3456 OPL, The Gambling Platform AIRDROP -, to=telosdevelop}
2020-02-27T03:16:00.500 75900154 67a661... transfer amount: 12.3456 from: rewards.opl {symbol=OPL, quantity=12.3456 OPL, The Gambling Platform AIRDROP -, to=telosdevelop}
2020-02-25T07:06:46.000 75588777 534e26... transfer amount: 12.3456 from: rewards.opl {symbol=OPL, quantity=12.3456 OPL, The Gambling Platform Airdrop -, to=telosdevelop}
2019-11-16T05:12:56.500 58222486 9bb921... transfer amount: 100 from: peoplestoken {symbol=PEOPLE, quantity=100.0000 PEOPLE, memo=??????? The PEOPLE (People's every day multi-purpose Utility); Community Building, SW Licensing, User's On-boarding, Influence peoplesproxy (DAC) - Your Voice, Sentiment & Empowerment. ? Vapaee & BP swedencornet, to=telosdevelop}
2019-11-09T08:18:43.000 57035757 d31f41... transfer amount: 3899 from: sqrlwalletio {symbol=SQRL, quantity=3899.0000 SQRL, memo=Let's go nuts!, to=telosdevelop}
2019-10-12T09:46:54.500 52210918 2a1f75... transfer amount: 100 from: mailtreasure {symbol=MAIL, quantity=100.0000 MAIL, memo=You've got MAIL at (airdrop), to=telosdevelop}
2019-07-26T10:30:42.500 38757586 a00eea... transfer amount: 3500 from: neutronstars {symbol=TLOS, quantity=3500.0000 TLOS, memo=, to=telosdevelop}
2019-05-23T14:45:15.500 27751165 bea1d4... transfer amount: 1000 from: maltablock21 {symbol=TULIP, quantity=1000.0000 TULIP, memo=Use TULIP at the Tulip Conference and EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit! June 3rd to 6th - San Francisco, to=telosdevelop}
2019-04-28T14:04:24.500 23437563 ec528f... sendmessage {memo=Play, Stake & Win a Share of 10,000 TLOS @, acct=telosdevelop}
2019-03-22T21:25:02.000 17103104 f47d83... transfer amount: 1 from: proxibotstls {symbol=ROBO, quantity=1.0000 ROBO, memo=Proxibots Airdrop - Play & Stake @, to=telosdevelop}
2019-03-21T10:11:50.500 16849687 8118d6... voteproducer proxy: goodproxytls producers: [] voter: telosdevelop
2019-03-14T10:08:54.000 15642168 29db2c... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=10, direction=2}
2019-03-14T10:08:38.000 15642136 472929... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=10, direction=1}
2019-03-13T17:32:12.000 15522591 b2a1a3... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=10, direction=2}
2019-03-13T17:29:28.000 15522263 623d45... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=10, direction=1}
2019-03-13T17:29:06.000 15522219 62e8f4... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=10, direction=2}
2019-03-13T17:28:27.500 15522142 a8e80f... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=10, direction=1}
2019-03-11T11:47:08.500 15135816 b7645c... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=10, direction=2}
2019-03-11T09:18:14.500 15117950 089c95... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=8, direction=1}
2019-03-07T15:47:57.000 14474749 42bf7d... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=1}
2019-03-04T14:23:55.000 13946337 a3df23... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=1}
2019-03-04T12:47:21.500 13934751 0b4a77... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=2}
2019-03-04T12:45:51.500 13934571 e988f0... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=2}
2019-03-04T12:45:35.000 13934538 522dcb... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=0}
2019-03-04T12:43:54.000 13934336 065cbd... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=0}
2019-03-04T12:43:14.000 13934256 b4cd64... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=2}
2019-03-04T12:42:36.500 13934181 eb349f... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=0}
2019-03-04T12:35:27.000 13933322 793ae6... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=2}
2019-03-04T12:35:13.500 13933295 2a6d56... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=0}
2019-03-04T12:32:47.000 13933002 72b889... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=3, direction=1}
2019-03-04T12:32:19.000 13932946 725122... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=3, direction=2}
2019-03-04T12:31:45.500 13932879 c0c8dc... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=3, direction=0}
2019-03-04T12:30:59.000 13932786 f965ea... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=3, direction=2}
2019-03-04T12:14:54.500 13930857 ca8db0... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=3, direction=0}
2019-03-04T12:14:19.000 13930786 9b76f3... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=3, direction=2}
2019-03-04T12:02:24.000 13929356 b8dab1... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=2}
2019-03-04T12:01:31.000 13929250 0b4068... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=0}
2019-03-04T12:00:47.000 13929162 7e6b24... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=1}
2019-03-04T11:59:24.000 13928996 c83c54... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=2}
2019-03-04T11:58:44.000 13928916 a5c791... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=0}
2019-03-04T11:19:46.500 13924241 ecd774... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=7, direction=2}
2019-03-04T11:19:06.000 13924160 4cb0aa... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=3, direction=0}
2019-02-28T10:53:57.000 13232456 4a6f1d... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=1}
2019-02-28T10:24:43.000 13228948 661b8f... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=4, direction=3}
2019-02-28T10:24:30.000 13228922 692c4c... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=4, direction=2}
2019-02-28T10:24:18.000 13228898 2624ed... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=4, direction=1}
2019-02-28T10:23:37.000 13228816 89e81c... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=4, direction=0}
2019-02-28T09:19:53.500 13221174 f04dd3... transfer amount: 1 from: telosdevelop {symbol=TLOS, quantity=1.0000 TLOS, memo=Pa ti, to=qwertgbvcxza}
2019-02-27T15:23:26.000 13092022 40f4aa... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=0}
2019-02-27T12:40:00.500 13072411 67c1e3... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=1}
2019-02-27T12:23:25.500 13070421 162d33... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=2}
2019-02-21T12:54:35.000 12039021 91e0ed... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=2}
2019-02-21T12:54:33.500 12039018 912f5a... mirrorcast voter: telosdevelop {token_symbol=4,TLOS}
2019-02-21T12:54:16.000 12038983 81e8be... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=1}
2019-02-21T12:54:12.000 12038975 00a0c7... mirrorcast voter: telosdevelop {token_symbol=4,TLOS}
2019-02-21T12:54:08.000 12038967 1df6fe... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=1}
2019-02-21T12:54:06.000 12038963 68fce5... mirrorcast voter: telosdevelop {token_symbol=4,TLOS}
2019-02-21T12:53:35.500 12038902 7d4fbe... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=0}
2019-02-21T12:53:33.500 12038898 3e791e... mirrorcast voter: telosdevelop {token_symbol=4,TLOS}
2019-02-20T16:14:59.500 11890271 3c951d... castvote voter: telosdevelop {ballot_id=5, direction=2}
2019-02-20T16:14:58.000 11890268 e8ab35... mirrorcast voter: telosdevelop {token_symbol=4,TLOS}
2019-02-20T16:14:55.500 11890263 04362c... regvoter voter: telosdevelop {token_symbol=4,VOTE}
2019-02-19T12:20:41.000 11689404 a7c479... voteproducer proxy: tlostechprox producers: [] voter: telosdevelop
2019-02-19T12:17:27.500 11689017 308d2e... transfer amount: 200 from: telosdevelop {symbol=TLOS, quantity=200.0000 TLOS, memo=stake bandwidth, to=eosio.stake}
2019-02-19T12:17:27.500 11689017 308d2e... delegatebw amount: 200 stakeCpuQuantity: 100.0 stakeNetQuantity: 100.0 from: telosdevelop receiver: telosdevelop transfer: false
2019-02-19T09:34:53.500 11669510 599cf8... transfer amount: 400 from: theteloscope {symbol=TLOS, quantity=400.0000 TLOS, memo=In order to understand recursion you must first understand recursion, to=telosdevelop}