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VOTES Producers list : [eosiodetroit, telosmiamibp, telosnewyork, tlsvancouver]
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2020-09-09T18:33:12.000 109596702 35c18b... transfer amount: 100 from: eosio.stake {symbol=TLOS, quantity=100.0000 TLOS, memo=unstake, to=guydeojygege}
2020-09-09T18:33:12.000 109596702 35c18b... refund owner: "guydeojygege"
2020-09-06T18:33:12.000 109079118 78dd00... undelegatebw amount: 100 from: guydeojygege receiver: guydeojygege {unstake_net_quantity=0, unstake_cpu_quantity=100}
2020-09-06T18:33:12.000 109079118 78dd00... transfer amount: 1 from: guydeojygege {symbol=SQRL, quantity=1.0000 SQRL, memo=Here's a SQRL for covering my CPU and NET for this transaction ;-) Thank you! , to=sqrlwalletio}
2020-06-30T17:24:45.000 97339524 a23e75... transfer amount: 99 from: telokandaone {symbol=KANDA, quantity=99.00000000 KANDA, memo=Token Conversion from KANDA account steemairdrops, to=guydeojygege}
2020-06-30T15:41:41.500 97327158 1ea75a... transfer amount: 99 from: ddatemintone {symbol=DATE, quantity=99.00000000 DATE, memo=Token Conversion from DATE account steemairdrops, to=guydeojygege}
2020-03-05T04:36:21.000 77103230 0ffadb... transfer amount: 10 from: rewards.opl {symbol=OPL, quantity=10.0000 OPL, The Gambling Platform AIRDROP -, to=guydeojygege}
2020-02-28T02:05:05.500 76061263 b37c69... transfer amount: 12.3456 from: rewards.opl {symbol=OPL, quantity=12.3456 OPL, The Gambling Platform AIRDROP -, to=guydeojygege}
2020-02-27T03:11:44.000 75899652 5fdb53... transfer amount: 12.3456 from: rewards.opl {symbol=OPL, quantity=12.3456 OPL, The Gambling Platform AIRDROP -, to=guydeojygege}
2020-02-27T02:59:05.000 75898176 b66de3... transfer amount: 12.3456 from: rewards.opl {symbol=OPL, quantity=12.3456 OPL, The Gambling Platform AIRDROP -, to=guydeojygege}
2020-02-14T13:22:57.500 73772660 cf1452... transfer amount: 30 from: chainriftcom {symbol=TLOS, quantity=30.0000 TLOS, memo=chainrift, to=guydeojygege}
2020-02-08T09:44:23.000 72727933 c42f3d... transfer amount: 8000 from: guydeojygege {symbol=TLOS, quantity=8000.0000 TLOS, memo=stake bandwidth, to=eosio.stake}
2020-02-08T09:44:23.000 72727933 c42f3d... delegatebw amount: 8000 stakeCpuQuantity: 4000.0 stakeNetQuantity: 4000.0 from: guydeojygege receiver: guydeojygege transfer: false
2020-02-08T09:44:23.000 72727933 c42f3d... openprofile {account=guydeojygege}
2019-11-16T00:42:57.500 58190088 127fdd... transfer amount: 500 from: peoplestoken {symbol=PEOPLE, quantity=500.0000 PEOPLE, memo=??????? The PEOPLE (People's every day multi-purpose Utility); Community Building, SW Licensing, User's On-boarding, Influence peoplesproxy (DAC) - Your Voice, Sentiment & Empowerment. ? Vapaee & BP swedencornet, to=guydeojygege}
2019-11-08T03:31:58.500 56828956 db4095... transfer amount: 10817 from: sqrlwalletio {symbol=SQRL, quantity=10817.0000 SQRL, memo=Let's go nuts!, to=guydeojygege}
2019-10-10T08:55:11.000 51859300 204d57... transfer amount: 1 from: mailtreasure {symbol=MAIL, quantity=1.0000 MAIL, memo=You've got MAIL at (airdrop test), to=guydeojygege}
2019-09-07T11:52:42.500 46187506 27c3b7... transfer amount: 20 from: guydeojygege {symbol=TLOS, quantity=20.0000 TLOS, memo=LQEZ177JYA, to=chainriftcom}
2019-05-23T13:02:46.000 27738866 4993dd... transfer amount: 1000 from: maltablock21 {symbol=TULIP, quantity=1000.0000 TULIP, memo=Use TULIP at the Tulip Conference and EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit! June 3rd to 6th - San Francisco, to=guydeojygege}
2019-04-27T23:43:28.500 23334251 5b7c7d... sendmessage {memo=Play, Stake & Win a Share of 10,000 TLOS @, acct=guydeojygege}
2019-03-22T09:13:29.500 17015342 bcb561... transfer amount: 10836.7413 from: proxibotstls {symbol=ROBO, quantity=10836.7413 ROBO, memo=Proxibots Airdrop - Play & Stake @, to=guydeojygege}
2019-02-21T03:08:08.500 11968649 ed0a3a... transfer amount: 10836.7413 from: vapaeetokens {symbol=CNT, quantity=10836.7413 CNT, memo=CNT Token Airdrop - Cards & Tokens -, to=guydeojygege}
2019-02-09T08:34:22.000 9934767 891aa6... transfer amount: 2183.9733 from: qubicletoken {symbol=QBE, quantity=2183.9733 QBE, memo=Redefining the definition of customer service, sales, and support as we've known it. Welcome to - brought to you by, to=guydeojygege}
2018-12-24T12:25:40.500 1849889 e8e023... transfer amount: 9736.7413 from: eosio.stake {symbol=TLOS, quantity=9736.7413 TLOS, memo=unstake, to=guydeojygege}
2018-12-24T12:25:40.500 1849889 e8e023... refund owner: "guydeojygege"
2018-12-23T21:59:28.000 1745952 eabd72... updateauth {parent=owner, auth={threshold=1, keys=[{key=PUB_K1_5To1vKAzgRUG8Dxw9R6HweCE6PkYpZwuQR35VeqMWyzKqVWXT6, weight=1}]}, permission=active, account=guydeojygege}
2018-12-23T21:59:28.000 1745952 eabd72... updateauth {parent=, auth={threshold=1, keys=[{key=PUB_K1_5To1vKAzgRUG8Dxw9R6HweCE6PkYpZwuQR35VeqMWyzKqVWXT6, weight=1}]}, permission=owner, account=guydeojygege}
2018-12-22T22:26:18.000 1577204 99729a... transfer amount: 10 from: guydeojygege {symbol=TLOS, quantity=10.0000 TLOS, memo=KLSAVPMDEM, to=chainrifttls}
2018-12-21T12:25:40.500 1332364 dfbd49... undelegatebw amount: 5318.3707 from: guydeojygege receiver: guydeojygege {unstake_net_quantity=5318.3707, unstake_cpu_quantity=0}
2018-12-21T12:25:19.000 1332321 54f0ea... undelegatebw amount: 4418.3706 from: guydeojygege receiver: guydeojygege {unstake_net_quantity=0, unstake_cpu_quantity=4418.3706}
2018-12-15T17:05:23.000 329253 f9b24d... voteproducer proxy: producers: [eosiodetroit, telosmiamibp, telosnewyork, tlsvancouver] voter: guydeojygege