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2019-11-16T01:33:34.500 58196162 04d36d... transfer amount: 150 from: peoplestoken {symbol=PEOPLE, quantity=150.0000 PEOPLE, memo=??????? The PEOPLE (People's every day multi-purpose Utility); Community Building, SW Licensing, User's On-boarding, Influence peoplesproxy (DAC) - Your Voice, Sentiment & Empowerment. ? Vapaee & BP swedencornet https://eossweden.eu/, to=g4ytsobwgyge}
2019-11-06T16:51:51.000 56579352 a8aa30... transfer amount: 3869 from: sqrlwalletio {symbol=SQRL, quantity=3869.0000 SQRL, memo=Let's go nuts!, to=g4ytsobwgyge}
2019-10-10T08:57:48.000 51859614 7288a7... transfer amount: 1 from: mailtreasure {symbol=MAIL, quantity=1.0000 MAIL, memo=You've got MAIL at https://telos.dmail.co (airdrop test), to=g4ytsobwgyge}
2019-05-23T11:09:44.000 27725302 7f29d1... transfer amount: 1000 from: maltablock21 {symbol=TULIP, quantity=1000.0000 TULIP, memo=Use TULIP at the Tulip Conference and EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit! June 3rd to 6th - San Francisco https://www.tulipconf.com/events/2019/6/6/eos-block-producers-summit, to=g4ytsobwgyge}
2019-04-27T20:14:25.500 23309165 323f1d... sendmessage {memo=Play, Stake & Win a Share of 10,000 TLOS @ https://proxibots.io, acct=g4ytsobwgyge}
2019-03-22T06:13:16.000 16993715 c2deb5... transfer amount: 3788.337 from: proxibotstls {symbol=ROBO, quantity=3788.3370 ROBO, memo=Proxibots Airdrop - Play & Stake @ https://proxibots.io, to=g4ytsobwgyge}
2019-02-21T04:09:22.000 11975996 221574... transfer amount: 3788.337 from: vapaeetokens {symbol=CNT, quantity=3788.3370 CNT, memo=CNT Token Airdrop - Cards & Tokens - http://cardsandtokens.com, to=g4ytsobwgyge}
2019-02-09T06:59:22.500 9923368 7605c3... transfer amount: 763.4792 from: qubicletoken {symbol=QBE, quantity=763.4792 QBE, memo=Redefining the definition of customer service, sales, and support as we've known it. Welcome to Qubicles.io - brought to you by www.fenero.com, to=g4ytsobwgyge}
2019-01-12T18:07:49.000 5170460 62d631... transfer amount: 3238.337 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=3238.3370 TLOS, memo=stake bandwidth, to=eosio.stake}
2019-01-12T18:07:49.000 5170460 62d631... delegatebw amount: 3238.337 stakeCpuQuantity: 3238.337 stakeNetQuantity: 0.0 from: g4ytsobwgyge receiver: g4ytsobwgyge transfer: false
2018-12-22T22:04:26.000 1574580 77f570... transfer amount: 51 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=51.0000 TLOS, memo=stake bandwidth, to=eosio.stake}
2018-12-22T22:04:26.000 1574580 77f570... delegatebw amount: 51 stakeCpuQuantity: 50.0 stakeNetQuantity: 1.0 from: g4ytsobwgyge receiver: cryptonation transfer: false
2018-12-22T22:04:26.000 1574580 77f570... transfer amount: 0.0159 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=0.0159 TLOS, memo=ram fee, to=eosio.ramfee}
2018-12-22T22:04:26.000 1574580 77f570... transfer amount: 3.1472 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=3.1472 TLOS, memo=buy ram, to=eosio.ram}
2018-12-22T22:04:26.000 1574580 77f570... buyrambytes receiver: cryptonation {bytes=16384, payer=g4ytsobwgyge}
2018-12-22T22:04:26.000 1574580 77f570... newaccount owner: {"threshold":1,"keys":[{"key":"PUB_K1_6FPXKwGCxD1r1GRMgxEU8cMMv2kvyWsRMXAGzSJHsq86mcKLmo","weight":1}],"accounts":[],"waits":[]} {creator=g4ytsobwgyge, active={threshold=1, keys=[{key=PUB_K1_7a4FrnwbCdUmS9TfVqUNxVozbzSgEZjTWSB69N3Wh7fRfbKdaq, weight=1}], accounts=[], waits=[]}, newact=cryptonation}
2018-12-22T21:59:45.500 1574019 9b416a... transfer amount: 30 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=30.0000 TLOS, memo=stake bandwidth, to=eosio.stake}
2018-12-22T21:59:45.500 1574019 9b416a... delegatebw amount: 30 stakeCpuQuantity: 20.0 stakeNetQuantity: 10.0 from: g4ytsobwgyge receiver: cryptohodler transfer: false
2018-12-22T21:59:45.500 1574019 9b416a... transfer amount: 0.0159 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=0.0159 TLOS, memo=ram fee, to=eosio.ramfee}
2018-12-22T21:59:45.500 1574019 9b416a... transfer amount: 3.1469 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=3.1469 TLOS, memo=buy ram, to=eosio.ram}
2018-12-22T21:59:45.500 1574019 9b416a... buyrambytes receiver: cryptohodler {bytes=16384, payer=g4ytsobwgyge}
2018-12-22T21:59:45.500 1574019 9b416a... newaccount owner: {"threshold":1,"keys":[{"key":"PUB_K1_7bpZhLLDPpjgFQ2oNm4MAwpQ8m5EQ6qyKBBJpxcoZQ1SjMC5TA","weight":1}],"accounts":[],"waits":[]} {creator=g4ytsobwgyge, active={threshold=1, keys=[{key=PUB_K1_7zGjix1gjerj5StEr8ugLSBGA9hFcEuDbCJ9QSUnjobZZKPsDv, weight=1}], accounts=[], waits=[]}, newact=cryptohodler}
2018-12-22T21:35:58.500 1571165 95f32a... transfer amount: 0.1269 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=0.1269 TLOS, memo=ram fee, to=eosio.ramfee}
2018-12-22T21:35:58.500 1571165 95f32a... transfer amount: 25.2475 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=25.2475 TLOS, memo=buy ram, to=eosio.ram}
2018-12-22T21:35:58.500 1571165 95f32a... buyram receiver: g4ytsobwgyge {quant=25.3744, payer=g4ytsobwgyge}
2018-12-22T18:20:09.000 1547667 d85e88... transfer amount: 3350.9868 from: eosio.stake {symbol=TLOS, quantity=3350.9868 TLOS, memo=unstake, to=g4ytsobwgyge}
2018-12-22T18:20:09.000 1547667 d85e88... refund owner: "g4ytsobwgyge"
2018-12-19T18:20:09.000 1029303 6fd1c6... undelegatebw amount: 3350.9868 from: g4ytsobwgyge receiver: g4ytsobwgyge {unstake_net_quantity=1900.4934, unstake_cpu_quantity=1450.4934}
2018-12-16T01:49:28.500 392144 95aa1e... voteproducer proxy: goodguys4tls producers: [] voter: g4ytsobwgyge
2018-12-16T01:48:58.500 392084 7abdeb... voteproducer proxy: producers: [] voter: g4ytsobwgyge
2018-12-16T01:00:34.500 386276 fec39f... transfer amount: 0.0498 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=0.0498 TLOS, memo=ram fee, to=eosio.ramfee}
2018-12-16T01:00:34.500 386276 fec39f... transfer amount: 9.8997 from: g4ytsobwgyge {symbol=TLOS, quantity=9.8997 TLOS, memo=buy ram, to=eosio.ram}
2018-12-16T01:00:34.500 386276 fec39f... buyram receiver: g4ytsobwgyge {quant=9.9495, payer=g4ytsobwgyge}