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2020-06-27T06:35:52.000 96744973 84a739... transfer amount: 1 from: ecoinairdrop {symbol=ECOIN, quantity=1.0000 ECOIN, memo=, to=categorizers}
2020-02-18T18:27:52.500 74486676 5f9427... transfer amount: 1 from: zepta.dapp {symbol=MAIL, quantity=1.0000 MAIL, memo=Zeptagram just sent you a giveaway, check it out on - p3cjlrtcfs568rrklofv, to=categorizers}
2019-11-16T18:04:37.500 58315087 30d78b... transfer amount: 50 from: peoplestoken {symbol=PEOPLE, quantity=50.0000 PEOPLE, memo=??????? The PEOPLE (People's every day multi-purpose Utility); Community Building, SW Licensing, User's On-boarding, Influence peoplesproxy (DAC) - Your Voice, Sentiment & Empowerment. ? Vapaee & BP swedencornet, to=categorizers}
2019-11-07T19:05:32.000 56768192 1f8dcb... transfer amount: 0.0001 from: categorizers {symbol=ACORN, quantity=0.0001 ACORN, memo=, to=viterbotelos}
2019-11-06T08:00:02.000 56515535 c2fac0... transfer amount: 1000 from: sqrlwalletio {symbol=SQRL, quantity=1000.0000 SQRL, memo=Let's go nuts!, to=categorizers}
2019-10-12T09:52:17.500 52211564 932efd... transfer amount: 100 from: mailtreasure {symbol=MAIL, quantity=100.0000 MAIL, memo=You've got MAIL at (airdrop), to=categorizers}
2019-09-21T19:59:20.500 48663482 4e72bd... transfer amount: 0.0001 from: avantituttaa {symbol=ACORN, quantity=0.0001 ACORN, memo=squirrel, take an acorn and create a forest, to=categorizers}
2019-05-23T10:50:04.000 27722943 baabc6... transfer amount: 1000 from: maltablock21 {symbol=TULIP, quantity=1000.0000 TULIP, memo=Use TULIP at the Tulip Conference and EOSIO Block Producer & Technology Summit! June 3rd to 6th - San Francisco, to=categorizers}
2019-05-17T16:49:17.500 26733457 585f2e... transfer amount: 2364.8972 from: categorizers {symbol=TLOS, quantity=2364.8972 TLOS, memo=this is the change after buying RAM, to=viterbotelos}
2019-05-17T16:48:55.000 26733412 54e9da... transfer amount: 38.1756 from: categorizers {symbol=TLOS, quantity=38.1756 TLOS, memo=ram fee, to=eosio.ramfee}
2019-05-17T16:48:55.000 26733412 54e9da... transfer amount: 7596.9272 from: categorizers {symbol=TLOS, quantity=7596.9272 TLOS, memo=buy ram, to=eosio.ram}
2019-05-17T16:48:55.000 26733412 54e9da... buyram receiver: categorizers {quant=7635.1028, payer=categorizers}
2019-05-17T16:44:48.000 26732920 d9a176... transfer amount: 10000 from: viterbotelos {symbol=TLOS, quantity=10000.0000 TLOS, memo=to buy up to 100Mb RAM, to=categorizers}
2019-05-05T19:35:02.000 24684456 e28cae... castvote voter: categorizers {ballot_id=17, direction=1}
2019-05-05T19:34:53.500 24684439 646f50... mirrorcast voter: categorizers {token_symbol=4,TLOS}
2019-05-05T19:34:45.000 24684422 8411bb... regvoter voter: categorizers {token_symbol=4,VOTE}
2019-04-09T13:58:51.000 20155683 a4bbd7... transfer amount: 175.715 from: categorizers {symbol=TLOS, quantity=175.7150 TLOS, memo=, to=viterbotelos}
2019-04-09T13:58:15.500 20155612 d981bd... transfer amount: 1000 from: categorizers {symbol=TLOS, quantity=1000.0000 TLOS, memo=stake bandwidth, to=eosio.stake}
2019-04-09T13:58:15.500 20155612 d981bd... delegatebw amount: 1000 stakeCpuQuantity: 500.0 stakeNetQuantity: 500.0 from: categorizers receiver: categorizers transfer: false
2019-04-09T13:57:50.000 20155561 e413cf... transfer amount: 4.1215 from: categorizers {symbol=TLOS, quantity=4.1215 TLOS, memo=ram fee, to=eosio.ramfee}
2019-04-09T13:57:50.000 20155561 e413cf... transfer amount: 820.1635 from: categorizers {symbol=TLOS, quantity=820.1635 TLOS, memo=buy ram, to=eosio.ram}
2019-04-09T13:57:50.000 20155561 e413cf... buyram receiver: categorizers {quant=824.285, payer=categorizers}
2019-04-09T13:57:14.500 20155490 335bb5... transfer amount: 2000 from: cardsntokens {symbol=TLOS, quantity=2000.0000 TLOS, memo=worker proposal - buy RAM, to=categorizers}